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About MG Cloud Consultants

My name is Markus Gulden, and I started working as an Architect, Developer, and Software Engineer in a time when hosting a web application necessarily meant running bare-metal servers in your basement.
In recent years, I have been centered on cloud computing.
Yet, while cloud should have passed the hype cycle, many companies struggle when moving the cloud.

Hence, MG Cloud Consultants was formed; to recognize the demands toward cloud adoption and make that move with a "client first" mindset with no compromise.

If you have a demand for moving into the cloud, review the ➔ Services we provide, or directly ➔ Contact us for a free cloud potential analysis.
If you are a passionate cloud architect who wants to join us in supporting clients in their cloud journey, take a look at the ➔ Careers page.


Where Experience
Meets Innovation

What We Provide

That Works
For You.


Why Choose Us

Transparency & Commitment

Our company is built on long-term partnerships, which means we want to earn your trust and keep it. This is illustrated by committing our processes, our work, and your project to absolute transparency. While the frequency of updates will be at your discretion, we will always keep you informed on the status of your project, its budget, the risks, timelines, and deflectors.

Source Code Ownership

We build it - you own it. It’s that simple. Once we finish development, we pass over the complete source code. The project is yours – no strings attached. Whether you want to continue working with us for maintenance and updates or take the project in-house is up to you.


Technical Excellence

We consider technical and methodical know-how as our utmost asset, which enables us to support our customers in the manifold challenges of digitalization.

Practical Approach

Our approach is to “keep it simple and do what makes sense for our clients.” Although we adore building complex software and web applications, we do not recommend reinventing the wheel. We help our clients find, customize, and integrate the readily available and affordable best-in-class solutions.